Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Suite Caroline T-Shirts & Stickers

My husband plays bass in the band of a 12 year old country artist, Suite Caroline. She plays guitar and writes all her own songs. We've been hanging out with she and her family more and more in the past few months and they are some of the coolest people we've ever met! I've been working with them to create some new t-shirt designs and these are what we've come up with. The sporty gray one has only been available since the last week of May and we've already had to reorder twice! The other 2 are BRAND new and will be available at the upcoming shows.

ALL template
Sport Template sm
PeaceLove Template sm
Owl Template sm

I cut the sleeves off my sporty one and braided it into a tank top based on this tutorial. Can't wait to customize the others too!

We're also getting some stickers like this, which will be perfect on our car:
PeaceLove sticker template

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