Monday, March 23, 2009

Graduation Party

I just came across the invitation I put together for a joint graduation party for my cousin, a couple friends, and myself. It was emailed out as a PDF because we all decided that was more economical than having them printed and mailed. The theme was movies. There were old movie posters on the walls, cardboard cut outs, bouquets of theatre candy as centerpieces, and a red carpet entry way! Enjoy!
grad invite1
grad invite2
grad invite3
It was a fun night! Oh, how I miss my family!
chelsea: julia from wedding singer; mom: miss hannigan; dad: daddy warbucks; me: holly golightly
grad-chels and alisa
Alisa was "Ryan...Rebecca Ryan". We had recently watched American Dreamer - a family classic. Side note: Alisa isn't literally in the family.

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  1. I totally recognized Miss Hannigan before I read it!!! Dad needs to put on about 100 lbs to be Daddy Warbucks! I LOVE ANNIE!
    And your Holly Golightly is very impressive!